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May Newsletter

Preview of  some of the Companies and Products that will be presented at Lab Africa 2015

Agilent Technologies Receives Innovation Award for Multiple Heart-Cutting Solution

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 17, 2015

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced that The Analytical Scientist magazine has recognized the Agilent 1290 Infinity II 2D-LC solution with multiple heart-cutting as one of most transformative technologies introduced last year.

The magazine's editorial board, along with a panel of independent experts, chose the winners.

Agilent's fully automated solution was cited for its ability to easily decouple first- and second-dimension liquid chromatography runs. "Good to see that relatively complex/challenging analytical flow technology can be automated in a robust way," the magazine concluded.

"The Agilent 1290 Infinity II 2D-LC solution with multiple heart-cutting boosts analytical efficiency with superior peak capacity compared to conventional solutions for ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography," said Stefan Schuette, vice president of Agilent's Liquid Phase Division. "It improves laboratory efficiency by providing unmatched ease of use."

The award-winning solution includes newly designed hardware and intuitive software for easy method setup, system control, online monitoring and novel data analysis.

To learn more about Agilent's flexible and reliable solutions for multidimensional liquid chromatography, visit

Find out more by visiting the Agilent stand at Lab Africa 201 5


Lasec, in association with a selection of our valued principals will showcase some of our top brands, innovative products and laboratory solutions at Lab Africa 2015.

With representatives of world renowned brands of laboratory instrumentation such as Lovibond, Memmert, Vacuubrand, Hermle, Purite, Bibby Scientific and Gilson listed among those exhibiting as part of the Lasec Pavilion at Lab Africa, visitors are guaranteed to be exposed to the latest technologies available to the scientific community and a host of new innovations.

Full laboratory solutions will be presented at the Lasec Pavilion with a complete lab set-up including ducted fumehoods from German manufacturers, Waldner, as well as ductless fumehoods and a PCR workstation from US manufacturer, Mystaire.

Visitors will have the opportunity to examine and assess a variety of high quality consumables including those from Glassco, Labcon and Ahlstrom and they are guaranteed to find a solution to many of their everyday laboratory consumable challenges.

In addition to the opportunity to view and interact with state-of-the-art equipment and consumables, Lasec, in association with Asecos will present a seminar to assist laboratory technicians, laboratory managers and those generally interested in laboratory safety to discover solutions for the storage of hazardous products in modern laboratories.Balance manufacturers, Radwag, will provide insight into their creative innovations relevant to the world of weighing, while freeze dryer manufacturers, Martin Christ will shed some light on the intricacies of lyophilisation as a method for sample preservation.
Visit us at the Lasec Pavilion at Lab Africa 2015!

Find out more by visiting the Lasec Stand
at Lab Africa 2015


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4 - 6 August 2015
Dome, Northgate

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Products and Companies at Lab Africa

This months issue features  8 companies and  products that are due to be displayed at Lab Africa 2015.

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In addition a sneak preview of more products that will be presented at Lab Africa 2015

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For more than 40 years, Adam Equipment has been a leading designer and manufacturer of analytical and precision balances, scales and moisture analysers for laboratories. Instruments from Adam Equipment are used by lab professionals worldwide in a variety of industries including medical, animal/veterinary, education, industrial, research, food and chemical. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with the perfect balance of speed, performance, and value, facilitating everyday lab work and simplifying complex applications. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia and China to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.

Nimbus analytical and precision balances are the newest offerings from Adam Equipment, and are available in models with internal or external calibration. Innovative design and a compact footprint means Nimbus occupies minimal space on the laboratory bench. Nimbus features easy operation with readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g and capacities from 80g to 22kg. With numerous weighing units including a customisable unit, Nimbus capably handles parts counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids or solids, and dynamic/animal weighing. Data collection and transmission are optimised with the Nimbus's USB and RS-232 interfaces, while a third interface allows for an optional remote display. Click here to learn more.

Find out more by visiting the Adam Equipment Stand
at Lab Africa 2015


Rauserv c.c. was founded in 1986, with many years of experience in the industry, Rauserv c.c. strives to provide the best service possible. Over the years our product range has expanded, giving our customers a wide range of equipment to suit all their applications. We are officially releasing our new website, giving our customers a user friendly way to navigate to the equipment of their choice.

Rauserv c.c. sells and services Waste Management Equipment. This includes Effluent Decontamination systems which destroy all harmful diseases within dirty water from the basins and drains of laboratories. The second unit shreds and sterilizes bio-hazardous waste allowing for needles, bandages and tissue waste to be shredded and sterilized into a harmless environmentally friendly waste.

The newest addition to our product range is the Italian microscopes brand Optika. Providing a wide variety of uses with outstanding optics, Optika is able to compete with some of the best microscopes brands in the world. The advantage lies
in the pricing, one would think that these excellent optics come at an extraordinarily premium price however the prices are exceptionally competitive meaning that Optika is an obvious choice as a good, well priced microscope.

Rauserv c.c. was founded on the basis of servicing autoclaves / steam sterilizers, over the years Rauserv has built up a large stock holding on a wide variety of autoclaves. Our premium brands include Astell, Equitron and Sturdy. These are some of the world’s most leading laboratory autoclaves meeting every laboratory application.

Find out more by visiting the Rauserv Stand at Lab Africa 2015




Qotho Laboratory Services is a subsidiary of Tramecon – a well known turn-key laboratory solutions provider.The group specializes in the provision of a large array of support services to Laboratories in the Mining Industry.The services range from the design, equipping, commissioning and management of laboratories, to facilitating the source and supply of consumables and equipment to African operations.Our current client base includes operations from Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, the DRC, Eritrea, Tanzania and Namibia, in addition to our established client base in South Africa.

Qotho Laboratory Services specifically focuses on the commissioning and management of laboratories, the implementation of ISO 17025, and the design and implementation of Proficiency Testing Schemes (PTS).

Since 2013, Qotho Laboratory Services launched a number of PT schemes and the range of commodities and products are continuously growing.Whist our initial focus is to assist with the improvement of the quality of analysis at African Laboratories, we aspire to service the global mining industry.It would be of great benefit and interest to all African Laboratories if the PT Schemes are rolled out internationally.Participation in our schemes provides laboratories with a means of assessing the accuracy and comparability of their results to peer laboratories over time.It instils confidence in the performance of the laboratories – for themselves, their operations and also their client base.Through the scheme, CRM’s are generated, which has become an invaluable tool for further internal monitoring and calibration, to all laboratories involved.

Qotho Laboratory Services will aim to obtain its ISO 17043 Accreditation by December 2015. 

Find out more by visiting the Tramecon Stand at Lab Africa 2015


HORIBA improves further on their leading edge flat sensor pH, conductivity and ion compact meters.

After more than 25 years manufacturing the Cardy series compact meters, with patented flat sensor technology, HORIBA is launching its latest generation - the LAQUAtwin.

The LAQUAtwinrange is made up of a wide selection of pocket size meters equipped with HORIBA’s exclusive flat sensor technology. The range of meters can measure pH, conductivity, salt (NaCl) and nitrate, sodium, potassium and calcium ions.

The sensor utilizes the same measurement principle as traditional electrodes but the LAQUAtwin meters require only a single drop (0.3 ml) of sample to enable quick and accurate measurement, ideal when the sample size is critical.

The wide measurement range allows direct measurement, making sample dilution unnecessary. These reagent-free meters can be calibrated in 1 or 2 points and feature automatic temperature compensation functions. The LAQUAtwin sensors are suitable for many different types of micro samples, such as liquids, pastes, powders and solids. At the end of the sensor’s useable life, it can simply be replaced; you don’t need to replace the complete meter.

he waterproof casing (IP67 rated) allows robust measurement even in wet conditions so these meters can be safely dipped to measure large volume samples.

User-friendliness and reliability are key benefits, making these meters ideal for onsite and field-testing. To measure, the user just need to place the sample onto the sensor and LAQUAtwin delivers instant assessment of pH, salt content or ion concentration. They are designed for professionals, working in a laboratory or on production sites, as well as for personal use These meters offer strong correlation with laboratory analysis and can be used as
a decision making tool for the process quality inspection.

LAQUAtwin meters are suitable for measuring basic properties of water in various industrial sectors while the salinometers are particularly useful for checking the salt content of food. In agriculture, the meters are ideal for quick on-site diagnosis of soil and plant sap characteristics to improve fertilization and crop yields.

YOUTUBE video link.

Find out more by visiting the Horiba Stand at Lab Africa 2015


Mira – new handheld Raman spectrometers with revolutionary ORS technology

Metrohm is pleased to introduce the Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzers (Mira). The Mira spectrometers are the only handheld Raman analyzers available with Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) technology. This highly reproducible averaging technique extends the scope of possible samples to any kind of heterogeneous and sensitive materials.

The Mira analyzers are handheld, high-performance spectrometers for rapid, non-destructive analysis of chemical and pharmaceutical samples, be they liquid or solid. Barely larger than a smartphone, the Mira a nalyzers may be used anywhere: in the warehouse, in the process, in the field, and – of course – in the laboratory. The user benefits of Mira in a nutshell:

  • Light, compact, and handy – single-handed operation
  • Instantly ready to use in any place
  • Fast and reliable real-time results – no sample preparation required
  • Point-and-shoot identification– close-range measurements through packaging of different thicknesses (including plastic and amber glass)
  • Orbital-Raster-Scan technology – reproducible measurements, even of temperature sensitive and heterogeneous samples
  • Safe – the Basic Package can be used without any additional safety measures required(laser protection class 1)
  • Maximum flexibility – comprehensive spectral libraries
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • Wide Range of applications – from temperaturesensitive samples to any kind of fluorescent samples
  • Automatic calibration in critical applications
Find out more by visiting the Metrohm Stand at Lab Africa 2015

"Tarsons is a globally respected manufacturer of laboratory consumables used in research laboratories. Started in 1983 we are present in more than 25 countries worldwide. Some of our major product lines are Liquid Handling consumables, cryogenic lab supplies, bottles , carboys , centrifuge tubes and racks. We manufacture all these products in state of Art built facility which is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. By using medical grade virgin resins, precision diamond polished molds and stringent quality control techniques we ensure a superior quality product for our customers worldwide. "

Find out more by visiting the Tarsons Stand at Lab Africa 2015

Reaction Monitoring by direct Analysis Probe

On an Advion Compact Mass Spectrometer – compact – simple – easy and affordable.

The expression CMS provides essential compound information quickly and improves the chemist’s workflow. The Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) permits fast analysis of solid and liquid samples and is a simple, faster and lower cost alternative to LC/MS methods. This direct analysis
probe method has been shown to be useful for the analysis of volatile and semi volatile compounds. ASAP is available as a combined ASAP-APCI source, or existing APCI sources can be easily modified to become dual APCI-ASAP capable.

Happy Birthday to the VMP3 from Bio-Logic!


In a time when most electronics become obsolete within a couple of years, we take great pride in the fact that the VMP3 system introduced some 10 years ago continues to be in high demand by researchers from all around the world.

Of course we continue to improve its functionality with frequent EC-Lab® software and firmware updates, but the hardware design that helped c
reate and expand the multi-channel segment has changed little, proof that doing things right the first time have positive, lasting effects! Never sitting still, our R&D team has rolled out more than 12 new potentiostat/galvanostat/eis models since the VMP3 was introduced, all with features and enhancements requested by researchers, but the VMP3 still has its following of dedicated researchers who appreciate the value and performance it brings to their labs.

This year, we are also celebrating:

30 years of the Bio-Logic Science Instruments company,
20 years of the introduction of the Mac Pile which is the first multichannel instrument dedicated to battery studies. Some of them are still used in some labs,
5 years of the SP-300 with its unique new features.

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