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One month till we open the doors

With just days remaining before the opening of Lab Africa, the excitement is beginning to settle in. It is hard to believe that it has been two years since the last big event in Johannesburg and alarming to believe that if you miss Lab Africa 2015 you will have to wait till 2017 before you can discover all of the process and laboratory solutions on display. 

Registrations to visit have reached a record high, perhaps because the 2015 event will showcase products from around the globe including products that have never been presented in South Africa.

Conferences at Lab Africa

Increasing use of Hypoxia Workstations in Cell/Tissue Culture

The Need to Culture Bacteria Anaerobically

Speaker: Samir Patel

Profile: A Director in Life Sciences/Healthcare industry with particular strengths in sales and marketing

Management Strengths:

  • Formulating strategy
  • Profit and commercially driven
  • International experience
  • Skilled team builder and leader
  • Goal orientated
  • Committed and determined

Recent Employment History:
Sales Director, Baker Ruskinn Brands, The Baker Company, Sanford, Maine 07/11 to present

The Baker Company of Sanford, Maine, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of biological safety cabinets, clean benches, fume hoods and pharmacy glove boxes, Hypoxia and Anaerobic workstations. (Baker acquired Ruskinn Technology Ltd in July 2011).

Responsible for:

lobal Sales of all Baker Ruskinn brands
  • Managing/motivating International Distributor Network (25 weeks travel pa)
  • Managing US and UK Sales Managers
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships with Global Hypoxia Opinion Leaders (Professorial level)
  • Helping develop sales prospects with Distributor partners
  • Low oxygen culture “Evangelist”


Critical chemistry & Technology aspects for pure labwater

Special guest Ian Richardson from Elga Labwater in the U K recently presented “The Lab Pure Water talk on Key aspects of Water Chemistry & Technology Critical for Purified Water Production and Use” to audiences in Cape Town, Midrand and Durban.

The talk was met with such a resounding acclaim, that Ian Richardson will be retur ning to South Afri ca to give a synopsis thereof, which will be presented at Labafrica on 6 Aug 2015, Hospitality suit 4 at 11h00 at the Coca Cola Dome.

If you are working in the fields of clean water in Healthcare, Clinical Biotechnology & Immunology, or g eneral/analytical applications, and you want to fully understand the elements and factors that govern water quality, types of impurities, their subsequent removal and impact they can have on water purification and systems then this talk could be for you.

If you are unable to attend the se cond presentation, you are welcome to contact Labotec, the sole agents for Elga Labwater for Southern Africa for further information on the topic, whitepapers and information on Elga Water purification products on email.


Free Entry to Pre-registered Delegates

If you would like to attend the conferences you will have FREE entry if you pre-register AND will be sent any updates via Email.


A sneak peak at what you will see at Lab Africa 2015

  News from Chembiz

Chembiz was established to provide quality laboratory instrumentation and equipment to the scientific industry in Southern Africa.

Chembiz is a dedicated Ohaus distributor in South Africa. This includes the Ohaus range of balances, moisture balances, pH meters, centifuges and industrial scales. Ohaus has been the choice of brand for customers looking for quality made, full-featured equipment at an economical price. Chembiz realises this need for quality products at economical pricing therefore continues to select Ohaus as the main product line within the company.

  Find out more by visiting the Chembiz stand at Lab Africa 2015

  News from Adam Equipment

For more than 40 years, Adam Equipment has been a leading designer and manufacturer of analytical and precision balances, scales and moisture analysers for laboratories. Instruments from Adam Equipment are used by lab professionals worldwide in a variety of industries including medical, animal/veterinary, education, industrial, research, food and chemical. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with the perfect ba lance of speed, performance, and value, facilitating everyday lab work and simplifying complex applications. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia and China to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.

Nimbus analytical and precision balances are the newest offerings from Adam Equipment, and are available in models with internal or external calibration. Innovative design and a compact footprint means Nimbus occupies minimal space on the laboratory bench. Nimbus features easy operation with readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g and capacities from 80g to 22kg. With numerous weighing units including a customisable unit, Nimbus capably handles parts counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids or solids, and dynamic/animal weighing. Data collection and transmission are optimised with the Nimbus's USB and RS-232 interfaces, while a third interface allows for an optional remote display.

Find out more by visiting the Adam Equipment stand at Lab Africa

  Discover another dimension – It’s simply, It’s Reliable, It’s Opto-Digital

The DSX Series imaging system delivers a completely new type of technology that combines Olympus performance reliability with the touchscreen ease of a smartphone or tablet computer.

he DSX Series captures clear images, acquires reliable measurements, and performs high-level analysis for reproducible results—all with a tap of a touchscreen.

This revolutionary series of instruments is so easy to use that virtually anyone can achieve consistent, reliable results. And because the DSX family of instruments offers superior quality and reliability, you get usable, accurate data and crisp, quality images every time.

DSX Series instruments include the DSX500, DSX500i, and DSX100. Designed for simplicity, accuracy, and reliability, all instruments in this line are designed to provide two core benefits—enhanced productivity and increased efficiency. The DSX Series:

  • Requires virtually no training

  • Produces reliable, reproducible, and traceable measurement

  • Captures perfect images the first time, every time with the best-image function

  • Accommodates samples of all shapes and sizes to produce 2D, 3D, and panorama results

  • Improves image clarity live or with captured images using advanced imaging techniques including High Dynamic Range, WiDER, and Color Enhancement

As part of the Olympus micro-imaging and metrology family of products, DSX Series instruments are compatible with powerful Stream image-processing software for measurement, analysis, and reporting. DSX systems are built to resist ambient vibration with proprietary image stabilization technology, making repeatable measurements and images possible in any environment with just the touch of a finger.

Find out more by visiting the Wirsam stand at Lab Africa 2015
Stop Pipetting Problems Ruining Your Experiments with MICROMAN® E

According to scientists, the main pipetting errors with air displacement pipettes, when they aren’t human, are due to problem liquids. To help scientists counter those problems, Gilson has announced the official worldwide launch of its new positive displacement pipette: MICROMAN® E.

The solution for problem liquids pipetting

MICROMAN E positive displacement pipette with its Capillary Pistons helps scientists counter common pipetting problems that may affect accuracy and precision when working with problem liquids. Problems they may have faced include: microliters of viscous liquids sticking to the tip of the pipette, volatile liquids creating leakage in the tip or even under-delivered hot liquids.

MICROMAN E with its positive displacement principle solves these common problems and also avoids contamination by isolating the aspirated sample from the inside part of the pipette, eliminating the air space between the piston and sample, to offer the highest precision.

No risk of contamination

MICROMAN E and CPs are the strongest barrier against residual sample carry-over, aerosol contamination, and cross-contamination when pipetting liquids such as DNA fragments, PCR templates, enzyme solutions and buffers.

With MICROMAN E, you protect your pipette, your sample and yourself!

Advanced ergonomic design

MICROMAN E ensures accuracy and precision with the highest ease-of-use and control through an ergonomic design with large action button, comfortable finger rest and visible volumeter on front of the body, a patented QuickSnap unique CP fitting system that makes it the only positive displacement pipette as intuitive and simple to use as regular pipettes and tips, and a volume control button to secure the manipulation from accidental volume changes.
About Gilson
Gilson provides high quality, dependable solutions for today's demanding liquid chromatography, solid phase extraction, gel permeation chromatography clean-up requirements, and manual liquid handling, including the world-renowned PIPETMAN® brand. Gilson has worldwide sales and service supporting the pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental, clinical, food & beverage, and forensic markets. Gilson's innovative products revolutionize the lab; providing the durability, flexibility, modularity and ease-of-use the industry has come to expect from Gilson.

Find out more by visiting the Lasec Pavillion at Lab Africa 2015


Introducing the Pegasus® GC-HRT 4D

St. Joseph, Mich.— LECO is pleased to announce the launch of Pegasus GC-HRT 4D, which combines the industry standard for comprehensive GCxGC with the highest performance time-of-flight mass spectrometer on the market. This latest innovation in comprehensive GCMS provides scientists with the unprecedented ability to investigate complex samples and identify unknown analytes with the ultimate confidence.

“This product has been eagerly anticipated in the marketplace, as we have fantastic new capabilities and our collaborators are very pleased with the results they are obtaining,” says Lorne Fell, Separation Science Product Manager. “We have built upon our years of GCxGC experience to deliver an appropriate balance of familiar and innovative new features. As we gain traction in our key markets—metabolomics, petroleum, and environmental—we predict this machine will empower our customers to truly discover what other analytes are in their samples instead of playing a guessing game.”

These advances in technology are paired with LECO’s ChromaTOF-HRT® brand software with High Resolution Deconvolution™ (HRD™), which is tailored to get the most out of high resolution data using NIST and Accurate Mass Libraries. Work flows enabled by features such as pseudo-molecular ions via Chemical Ionization, leveraging retention time matching, isotope patterns, and mass accuracy of deconvoluted fragments—all lead to confident identification of unknown species. With mass accuracies of 1 ppm and peak capacity potential at least two times greater than any currently available on the marketplace, the Pegasus GC-HRT 4D is the solution to winning the fight against coelution and comprehensively characterizing even the most complex samples.

  Find out more by visiting the Leco stand at Lab Africa 2015

  JULABO Temperature Control Solutions

High Precision and Speed

From routine to high performance temperature applications JULABO’s product range includes temperature control
systems for a variety of applications. Heating and refrigerated circulators accomplish almost every
temperature control application with temperatures ranging from -95 to +400 °C and are available in many variants. JULABO water baths are high-quality and durable products, with a working temperature range from 20 to 99.9 °C, equipped with the latest microprocessor technology. In laboratories they are ideal for temperature control of samples, incubations, material testing,
corrosion tests, cell cultivation or testing of food and beverages.

State-of-the-art heating and refrigerated circulators by JULABO provide rapid and precise temperature control for a wide range of applications. Devices such as jacketed reactor vessels can be controlled within a temperature range from -92 to +250 °C. JULABO recirculating coolers are used for a variety of cooling applications in
laboratories and industry. Users may choose from a large range of air or water cooled models with cooling capacities from 0.3 to 20 kW. JULABO also offers specialized equipment for individual applications and an extensive list of accessories for all products.

Quality “made in Germany“

JULABO units function reliably providing years of operation with quality at your
fingertips. Every unit meets strict internal requirements and conforms to the highest national, European and international standards. Each JULABO instrument must pass numerous tests in every production phase. A sophisticated quality management program in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 guidelines guarantees that only technologically superior products are shipped from their facility. JULABO takes pride in offering customers expert adv ice for pairing the proper JULABO temperature control solution to their specific application.

Find out more at the Analytical Solutions stand at Lab Africa 2015


Agilent Technologies' Next-Generation UHPLC System Sets New Benchmark in Laboratory Efficiency

Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) introduces the 1290 Infinity II LC System, its ne w flagship instrument in the powerful 1200 Infinity Series LC portfolio. The system enables operators, scientists and laboratory managers to reach new levels of laboratory efficiency with the instrument's exceptional analytical quality, ease of use and ability to seamlessly integrate into any laboratory.
"We have worked closely with a variety of customers to identify their most challenging liquid chromatography workflow issues and bottlenecks, and we are delighted to share this next-generation ultra-high-performance solution with all those seeking to maximize their day-to-day efficiency," said Stefan Schuette, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Liquid Phase Separations Division.
The Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC System represents the next-generation UHPLC with the same levels of reliability and robustness users have come to expect from Agilent, along with unique capabilities to maximize efficiency in three important areas:

Analytical Efficiency

The 1290 Infinity II LC provides scientists with exceptional analytical data quality, chromatographic resolution/precision and broad dynamic range detection. Lowest carry-over provides uncompromised data for the most demanding analyses.

Instrument Efficiency

The system is exceptionally easy to use and provides instrument operators with new levels of capabilities. Maximum flexibility to accommodate changing separation conditions reduces turnaround times. Unmatched throughput is enabled by highest sample capacity per bench space and fastest injection cycles.

Laboratory Efficiency

The system can be seamlessly integrated into any existing laboratory. It enables smooth method transfer from any legacy equipment-a must for laboratory and department managers seeking to lower costs and increase returns on their investments.
The 1290 Infinity II LC features eight new modules and a variety of powerful Agilent A-line accessories to further optimize chromatographic efficiency and laboratory workflow. Additionally, the OpenLAB Chromatography Data System enables effortless LC instrument control, fully traceable data management, convenient generation of results and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

  Find out more at the Agilent stand at Lab Africa 2015


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