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Environmental at Lab Africa

Multiwave PRO: Environmental Sample - Preparation according to EPA Standards

For environmental samples like waters, sludges, soils and sediments EPA standard methods (3015A, 3051A, 3052) for microwave-assisted sample preparation are readily available.

For a Cleaner Environment!

Elemental quantification of environmental samples (water, soil, sediments, sludges...) is of vital importance in the field of environmental protection.

For the investigation of bioavailability as well as for the determination of total concentration of elements reliable methods are needed. EPA standard leaching and digestion applications (EPA 3015A, 3051A, 3052) help to achieve comparable results.

The built-in method library of Multiwave PRO already includes the above-mentioned EPA methods, therefore Multiwave PRO is ready to go for effective and fast leaching and digestion procedures for environmental samples.

Multiwave PRO meets EPA standards:

  • EPA methods: already installed in the method library
  • Vessel specifications: exceed EPA requirements
  • Pressure and temperature control: simultaneous temperature and pressure control in one reference vessel
  • GLP compliance: full documentation of temperature, pressure and power data
  • Built-in cooling system: minimize cooling times for high sample throughput
  • Venting screws: for controlled release of reaction gases after digestion
  • Unpulsed microwave power: for precise reaction control
  • Multiple overpressure safety system: for safe operation in case of unforeseen reactions

For more information please contact us directly:


Next Exhibition

Lab Africa

15 - 17 August 2017

Analyzers Africa

15 - 17 August 2017

Next Issue

1. The Big Conference...

Everyone is talking about it, but the cat will only be let out of the bag in our next issue.

2. Feature Analyzers

If you have an editorial that you would like to send in the next issue featuring your analyzers, send to

This Issue

1. The Multiwave PRO


A quick glance at the Multiwave Pro - Giving a cleaner environment brought to you by Anton Paar

2. Lab Africa Floor plan released

The 2017 edition has BIG surprises.


More Environmental at Lab Africa



Milennium Excalibur

In 1991 P S Analytical’s in-house research programme funded the development of the Excalibur Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer. Using a multi-reflectance filter to isolate fluorescence wavelengths of interest and specific boosted hollow cathode lamps to induce fluorescence, the Excalibur AFS provided low level determination of Arsenic, Selenium, Antimony, Tellurium and Bismuth in environmental samples. The instrument was redesigned and relaunched in 1997 as the Millennium Excalibur, offering greater sensitivity, reliability and a smaller footprint.

Since 1983 P S Analytical’s experts have worked at the cutting edge of environmental monitoring, with a focus on automated low-level analysis.

PSA continues to invest in its research programme to provide total solutions to the marketplace. Systems provide the ability to carry out mercury sp eciation as well as offering total mercury determination. The Millennium Merlin system utilises the most sensitive technique for analysing mercury and offers unrivalled sensitivity and performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Linearity - Over 5 orders of magnitude
  • Sensitivity
  • Detection levels for As - 10ppt Se - 2ppt Sb - 10ppt
  • Ease of Use - A simple coupling to chromatograph data packages for specialist measurements
  • Affordability - ability to extend analytical capability to mercury



2. Millenium Excalibur

An introduction to the spectrometer that everyone is talking about. Brought to you by Agri Enviro Solutions

4. Lab Africa is 20% bigger in 2017

6 thousand gross square meters presented at the next event 

5. Analyzers Africa

Analyzers Africa is officially launched for 2017

  Lab Africa has launched Analyzers Africa:
for At-Line, In-Line and On-Line Applications

The floor plan is available.

A bigger floor plan.         A bigger event.

Lab Africa and Analyzers Africa forming a massive exhibition has lead to the biggest floor plan EVER.

The exhibition, conference and center court creates perfect chemistry for an exciting event.

If you would like to book an exhibition stand please email Jenny so that you can choose your location.


20% bigger in 2017

The exhibition is expected to grow by 20% bringing the exhibition to 6,000 gross square meters. A paradise to promote, educate and facilitate over 3 days.

Analyzers Africa is not the only thing NEW at Lab Africa. The 2017 Event will stage an international conference, attracting delegates and speakers from beyond our own borders.

Find out more in our next issue.


Analyzers Africa

Now that Lab Africa has become iconic in the international Laboratory market, Analyzers Af rica seems to be the obvious extension.

Many current and past exhibitors already stock analyzers as a part of their product portfolio. "The extension will add a new dimension to the event, attracting a broader spectrum of scientist and additionally attract the Production Managers and Engineers". Says Michelle Coetzee - Exhibition Director.

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